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What the book is about

There are many things in business that simply matter. These things affect whether you grow, stay stagnant, whether you increase your clientele or decrease your clientele. There are things that determine whether you will stay in business or whether your business will close. There are simply things that matter that often are either overlooked, ignored, brushed over, or tried once but because the desired results did not happen they are never looked at again. So, I wanted to walk through several areas that I personally feel matter when it comes to developing a sustainable and profitable business.

It Matters: Headliner


It Matters: Headliner

As a reader there are some books that I read and just put down and come back to later. That is not the case with "It Matters." It is not only Inspiring, but thought provoking. I think every entrepreneur should have this book on their desk and or on audio. When running your own business "It Matters" what you say, what you think and what you do. In this book Kimberly Pitts helps you set the foundation for a successful thriving business. I can truly say that implementing these strategic strategies in your business will help you focus on what is MOST important, and help you eliminate the "clutter" that is not only in your mind, but on your desk! Compelling Read!

Review on Amazon

It Matters is a raw, honest and relevant book that addresses some of life's curveballs that sometimes affects a business mindset. As I read this book, I quickly realized that it will become a relevant guide that I will refer to time and time again. The lessons embedded caused me to be reflective of my own practices, thoughts, attitudes and words. It Matters takes your thinking a step further with a section that literally makes you pause and think about the different lessons/truths, how these apply to you and your business and of course how to leverage those to maximize your growth! It Matters is a great resource to add to your library!

As a three year entrepreneur, I am working hard not to become a statistic of not making it to the fifth year. The insights in this book will ensure that I get past the dreaded five year mark. Kim gives practical advice that gives you pause to truly think through why you are in business in the first place. This book gets to the heart of the matter with practical and actionable steps to create a successful and sustainable business. I highly recommend this book to all aspiring and seasoned entrepreneur.

It Matters captivates the true spirit of the entrepreneur, by connecting what we want to happen versus what we need to do to make it happen. The book is simple to read, yet inspiring with personal stories that paint a picture and drive a point. It allows the reader to absorb the subject matter, evaluate it personally, and then challenges you to act. Kimberly’s advice is timeless and necessary!

It Matters is high on the list of books that I wish I had read when I started my business However, after being in business now more than 15 years - it truly gave me so many great points to pause, examine and review. That is what I enjoyed the most. I like to read books that causes challenges me in how I see my systems and processes. It Matters delivers on all fronts. One thing I loved about the book is that Kimberly has written the content in way that inspires you, challenges you, and she poses the information in a way that has you looking at your business in a fresh way. More importantly, she talks about the areas of business that honestly matter. That is what drew me to the book. Great read!

Awesome and REAL!
Kim takes the conversations we have with ourselves and relates how it effects our lives. That which we Cultivate and Nurture is what we Reap. We control what we Think • Say and DO • All of this MATTERS in the Success and Joy we experience.
Kim is someone who indeed "Walks the Talk" and represents all that is possible when we take care of ourselves and others and treat both with a high degree of respect.
I recommend BUYING "It Matters" • taking TIME to READ it AND to BREATHE Deeply as you reflect on the messages offered on the pages; after all, we only walk this journey but once and we have a responsibility to share the gifts and talents that we have been given. Thank you Kim for an incredible opportunity to truly analyze and reflect on the decisions we make.

It Matters: Testimonial
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