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I am beyond blessed to work with incredible organizations, non profits and business owners each day.   It is not just about business.  It is so much more. Helping each business owner and/or organizations to create a business that blesses their families and supports their dreams,  is why I love to do what I do each day.  

Client Successes: Welcome

Below is feedback that our clients wanted to share about their experience in working with myself and my team.

Client Successes: Text


UImpact 1 - Client Success


Cognitive Concepts, LLC

Working with Kim, during the half-day meeting, to establish a plan of action has been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening experience. Though I knew that I wanted to build a business and had a vision of what it would be, I wasn’t sure about the exact steps I needed to take to reach my goal. After my first meeting with Kim I felt confident in my ability to create a road map for my business.

As we continued to work together she helped me see that its future growth could be much more than I had previously imagined. Kim “worked her magic” and I caught the vision of expanding my business and helping others at the same time. Her business expertise is formidable, but even more important is her heartfelt desire to see women succeed. I have asked for her help, guidance, and direction numerous times, and she has consistently answered me with encouragement, sound advice, and the highest degree of professionalism. Her assistance has made it possible for me to move my business forward in a way that has far exceeded my expectations. 

UImpact 2 - Client Success


Harmonizing Specialist

I attended the Diverge Conference not thinking I would hire Kim or necessarily benefit from everything she was teaching.  I went because I knew she attracted great women to her events.  I had a BIG Ah-Ha moment while I was there.  I NEEDED her services! I have worked with two business coaches in the past hoping to get all my thoughts for my business out of my head in a concise manner, and it just didn’t work.  What I really needed was a branding and marketing coach, as I like to call Kim. 

Kim has really helped me take the vision in my head and make it a reality.  We’ve redesigned my logo, made over my website, created new services--all while staying true to ME!  Without Kim’s help, I would not be as far along as I am now.  She likes to say I jump first and build the ladder after. I believe I am not afraid to jump because of the confidence Kim has helped create in me knowing I am on the right track. 

If you feel stuck in your current business and just aren’t sure what move to make, or if you are holding back from making a change because you don’t want to make a costly mistake – you will benefit greatly from working with Kim!

UImpact 3 - Client Success



I attended a two-day workshop with Kimberly called Diverge, and it was life-changing. Through it, God used Kimberly to give me a vision for my life's calling far greater than I had previously imagined. I walked away from that workshop knowing I needed to spend more time with Kimberly as my business coach.

During the next three months of coaching sessions, Kimberly helped me develop my very first Women's Retreat. This was a huge step of faith for me, yet I knew I was fulfilling God's calling on my life to pour into women and inspire them to be ALL they were created to be. Kimberly helped me to think outside the box. She expanded my vision for not only this retreat, but future retreats and events, and she helped me STEP into the woman God created me to be.

I so appreciate Kimberly's faith, her encouragement, her wisdom, and her coaching. I enjoyed every moment we spent together! Thank you Kimberly DeShields-Spencer and may God bless you abundantly as you have blessed my life and so many others.

UImpact 4 - Client Success


Owner and Internationally Published Photographer for Ashley Strong Photography

You know when you meet someone and you feel like you've known them before? Well, that is how I felt about meeting the ever-so-inspiring and talented Kimberly DeShields-Spencer! This woman, is she ever so magnificent. I originally met this very soul during the documentation of one of my dear friends wedding as she so joyously shared her time and talent in coordinating this magical day! Our friendship expanded as she flew out from Dallas, Texas to engage in a full day of life style portraits in the ever so beautiful La Jolla, California (very close to where I'm located)! As if I wasn't already excited, I then went to Plano, Texas where I documented so many magical moments. First, some oh so fun portraits of Kim throughout her creative office space, her private book launch, and two days of her ever so inspiring DIVERGE conference! Here, she lead a group of about 45 women in tuning into their marketing strategies that support their unique, individual businesses. Kim's support, encouragement and enthusiasm is forever imprinted on my soul. She truly possesses a deep wholehearted interest in all her clients and those that come into her life. She is a continual inspiration in aiding so many amazing women to tap into, expand on and share their unique brand of magic and potential in this world. Kim is always, always asking how she can help, what she can do to push and move one forward and aid in any supportive way. This, this very aspect, makes her truly unique. Kim, its been an honor documenting your inspirational vibrancy throughout a number of lights. Your talent, patience, sincerity, attention to detail, personalization and vibrancy is truly unmatched!" 

UImpact 5 - Client Success


Founder, I Am Priceless

Working with Kim and the UImpact team has taken me from being dazed and bewildered to a digestible, step by step action plan.

Every interaction is professional, friendly and timely.

Kim brings a creative approach to her expert marketing strategies. She always makes feel intelligent and capable of implementing her suggestions, even when it requires me learning something new. (Building a website!) Her keen eye for detail found even the smallest discrepancy on my website, helping me put forth the polished image I was looking for.

It is a deep honor to work with Kim, to benefit from her experience and most importantly, to know I have a friend and supporter in her.

UImpact 6 - Client Success


There are few people I've met that are as giving, caring, and compassionate as Kimberly DeShields-Spencer. She is someone that I will hold near and dear to my heart even if my business folds. Looking at my business now vs ground zero before I started with her, I'm amazed. Before I was borderline bewildered, my business didn't have direction, and I was losing money left and right. I had my first profitable year, I've got a vision and a clear direction, and moreover, a pro to bounce ideas off of. Kim does way more than I would have ever expected!

UImpact 7 - Client Success


Kim is an absolutely fantastic businesswoman and she has been a driving force behind me getting on the map as a Student Development Speaker. I have learned so much from her in a short period of time. She is extremely knowledgeable about speaking and how to brand yourself effectively to get out to the right people. I would recommend Kimberly to anyone who is looking to bring their speaking to the next level!

UImpact 8 - Client Success



When I came to UImpact, I had no idea what I wanted for my business. All I knew is that I loved helping my clients feel confident when searching for a new career. When I began working with Kim, she was able to take my passion and create a brand for me that truly captured my passion. I was all over the place with what I wanted to offer and felt I could offer it all! Kim showed me how to focus my business and not be a jack of all trades and a master of none. In essence, overhauled my entire business and brought order to it. She also showed me how to package my offerings which increased my clientele and income!  I highly recommend her to business owners who are looking to make an "impact" to their chosen field because I sure am! Thanks Kim! 

UImpact 9 - Client Success


Owner & Graphic Designer

Kim is definitely different from most other business coaches. She took the extra time and effort to give my money's worth. But more importantly, she was real and she supported me and believed in me. Sometimes it's the little things that matter and she will come through.

UImpact 10 - Client Success


THE Style Signature

What can I say about Kimberly? As the saying goes "All Good Things!" I met Kimberly at UImpact half day speaking seminar, and found the information so helpful that I asked for some one on one time with her.

I have now come away with a clear path on how to work to launch speaking opportunities for my business as well as refinement in my website  marketing/branding.Kimberly help me define my brand more clearly and not be afraid of being who I am in my industry.  She helped me see that doing things with my energy and flair is what sets apart the THE Style Signature from other image businesses. She helps keep you accountable and her and her staff, thank you Melva for the constant communication and follow up! That is priceless! 

UImpact 11 - Client Success


Founder, Team Delegate

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer really knows her stuff when it comes to marketing and branding. She has an arsenal of information that she provides, to you as a client, that will help you get on track with marketing your business. She has a passion for her clients succeeding in their businesses. The entire team at UImpact is second to none and really care about you as a client. 

UImpact 12 - Client Success


Founder, Well Women's Network

Before I met Kimberly I had coached with several other coaches who for the money did nothing to really help me. I honestly was down on the idea of another coach until I talked and worked with her. Kimberly is honest and authentic as the day is long. She has a beautiful spirit that resonates with all that she does. When she says that she cares about you and your mission she really means it. She restored my faith that there are coaches out there who truly want to serve you in your mission with honest integrity. I would highly recommend her.

UImpact 13 - Client Success


Health/Wellness Expert

Founder, Lifestyle 360

Working with Kimberly is not just about building a business; it is a spiritual experience about what you want to do with your life. I have learned so much about who I am and where I want to go. All of my "ah-hah" moments came from some of the most simple conversations with Kim.  SShe is truly a genuine person who was created to do just what she is doing now. Kim was the missing piece of the puzzle for me

UImpact 14 - Client Success




Connecting with Kimberly DeShields-Spencer at UImpact and participating in the Thrive Academy was the best decision I've made in the past 18 months!! After leaving Corporate America and deciding the best option for me was to open my own business, connecting with was exactly what I had been searching for. I had talked and researched my business concept to everyone around me for about 18 it wasn't until I connected with that things started happening.

First, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is an amazing woman and business owner - she is God sent and I will forever be grateful to her. Second, the women in Thrive women; I love our meetings to share and exchange information plus simply cheer each other on.

I highly recommend anyone considering starting their own business to connect with Kimberly at  UImpact for results oriented coaching to make your dream come true!

UImpact 15 - Client Success


Phoenix Leadership Institute

I just completed my Half Day Planning Session with Kim and I requested to give Kim a testimonial. Often times testimonials are solicited but I wanted to give a testimonial. 

It was absolutely phenomenal. Prior to the session she sent over a brief questionnaire of some really basic things and the good thing about the questionnaire is that it really shaped my thinking and my focus for coming into the session. So it gave me things to think about more deeply. So when I came in we went

through everything on the list and so one of the greatest things for me was that I really wanted to fine tune my target market. In the process of our session I got more than I imagined that I could. The name of my company is Visionaries and that is exactly what I got. I am leaving this session with vision. That is the greatest thing. If I have the vision I can plot the path and I can serve the market that I know I am called to serve. I just wanted to give this testimonial because working with Kim gives great clarity and it is just amazing.

I can barely come up with enough words to say how awe inspiring it is to come in with concepts and leave out with pointed points to work on, with pointed vision with tangibles…that is the greatest thing. It has just has been a great half day session. It feels like it went quicker. We got so many things accomplished. Thank you so much Kim and especially thank you to your staff for making sure that everything was prepped before we got to the meeting. We were able to come in and get right down to business.

UImpact 16 - Client Success


Kimberly with UImpact was instrumental in translating the unique value we offer into a marketable system that leverages our brand. She listened intently for the power statements of each business entrepreneur leaving us all ready to take the next necessary actions. Kimberly’s leadership style is great! Her open format, the topics discussed, and the open group participation yielded to a profitable day. It was inspiring to see the ladies in the room exuberate so much passion and excitement for their businesses. Not only that, they were eager to learn (new) ways of growing their business, making changes where needed. You know the day was fruitful and fun when it’s time to leave and no one was ready to go. I highly recommend this workshop to other women entrepreneurs.

UImpact 17 - Client Success


Cheryl Ginnings Consulting                                            

There is no group of women who are easier to work with than those at UImpact. They care about us personally and even pray for their authors. The fact that life can throw many curves, it is not everyone who will want the best for their writers and understand that life happens, even to them. Mandy, Kimberly, Adorah, and Kathalyn have been angels to work with. These books I will be in coming out soon in the series, In Her Shoes, will make six times I have worked with them. I love the way the books turn out and my personal book, It Takes Courage To Be A Caregiver, is a hit from the moment that someone sees the cover!  Thanks to all of you for the extremely good care you take of your authors!

UImpact 18 - Client Success


SOAR Women's Network

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer, owner of UImpact, has changed my life! I heard about Kimberly, U Impact from a dear friend who invited me to the Packaged for Growth Conference. I attended the conference with the purpose of building upon an existing business; however, I left the conference with a new vision. During the conference, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer provided all of the tools and information needed to be successful in a business. I was so impressed with her wealth of knowledge that I signed up for the Thrive Academy Jump Start program. During our first meeting, I shared my dream and what I know is my purpose in life and Kimberly took that information and pushed me beyond my dream to becoming an entrepreneur and starting my business Next Level Moms, LLC.  Kimberly is insightful, knowledgeable, and professional. If you are considering starting a business and want high caliber business coaching, professional support and proven results, I highly recommend that you connect with Kimberly DeShields-Spencer at U Impact, LLC!

UImpact 18 - Client Success




Kim has wisdom beyond her years. She has a keen sense of listening and interpreting what others are really trying to say.   She has a gift for making her clients feel special. If you are a woman who needs a little help in getting focused on real results, I highly recommend Kim and Thrive! You will not be disappointed.

UImpact 19 - Client Success


Leadership Training Coordinator

I am so blessed to have had this time with Kimberly DeShields-Spencer. She is encouraging, insightful, calm and an astute business woman. I feel as if I have not only found a mentor and coach but a friend. My heart is full of gratitude for this amazing lady and the dreams she has helped me believe are possible. 

UImpact 20 - Client Success


The CLJackson Group

Today, I realized it has been one year since I joined UImpact's Thrive Mastermind Program with Mrs. Kimberly DeShields-Spencer. It was also on today that I realized that without "consistent" coaching and group interaction with other entrepreneur women my business would not have doubled in clients and revenue.  

For years, I found my business wheels spinning when coming to a fork in the road and having no idea which turn to take. In the past, when faced with the obstacle of not knowing how to move forward or which turn to take, I would pause my business and focus on being a career women. Because I am both a career woman and entrepreneur woman, pausing my business seemed easiest as I focused on being a leader at my 9-5.  

However, all that changed when I realized the reason I found it so easy to pause my business was due to lack of proper coaching and marketing. Since I've joined UImpact's Thrive Mastermind program the wheels of my business continue to turn at a high rate of speed, I have doubled my clients, revenue, and met amazing entrepreneur women who face the same challenges as I.  

However, we overcome them TOGETHER!!! God blessed me with one of THE BEST business coach ever.. Nobody can tell me different..Kim is PERFECT for me, because of her patience with me as I try to convey my vision. Because of Mrs. Kimberly DeShields-Spencer and UImpact, my business will never be the same.. THANK YOU KIM!!

UImpact 22 - Client Success




I came to Kimberly with a love of fashion and styling and Kim has developed that love into a full-fledged business. I'm working on projects that I would've never dreamed of and partnering with stores and brands that are beyond my imagination. Working with Kimberly has also opened my eyes to other possibilities within my brand and I am now breaking out into courses, teaching and training and speaking engagements.

UImpact 23 - Client Success


Radio Host, Car Pool Talk Show

Thank you AGAIN for such a wonderful meeting! I can't tell you how much you helped me! I am moving forward with your suggestions and will be offering consulting services at my own prices! You are one smart woman!

UImpact 24 - Client Success


3D Perspectvies, LLC

Kim's two day conference on marketing, mindset and money strategies to catapult your business was great. There was so much information, actual hands on exercises and group discussions to build your business.  I would highly recommend Kim to be your next speaker, consultant or workshop facilitator. Regardless of where you ​are at in your business, a beginner or a seasoned entrepreneur this is a worth your time and money spent. Thank you Kim and everyone for a wonderful time and experience!

UImpact 25 - Client Success



I entered UImpact , at a time in life where I had taken myself as far as I personally could go. Coaching was the next step to develop thoughts to action. With so many innovative thoughts, "through the direction of Kim and masterminding my ideals became content in a consistent way that has brought me great gratitude!" I am thankful to her, and her chosen women entrepreneur groups.

UImpact 26 - Client Success


Honey Locs Natural Hair Care

Like most women in business, how my business came into existence is a unique and powerful testimony to God’s covering and faithfulness. Within that story, is how I met the Owner and Founder of U Impact, LLC, Mrs. Kimberly DeShields-Spencer. Ours was a friendship first that began in Ministry. Because of her passion for helping women, her gift of leadership and administration I trust her in business. Kim is a marketing guru and really made a point to understand my business industry. 


As a result, my business is on its way to building a stronger foundation and managing its growth responsibility. She and her team at U Impact are working HARD and SMART to help me identify my core values, be strategic, and build my business brand. She is knowledgeable, a great communicator, organized, and reliable; all of which I admire as an entrepreneur.

UImpact 27 - Client Success


Agency Director

Kimberly has been a true inspiration. Without knowing what it is that we need, she serves as a sounding board allowing you to seek the answers from within and come to an "a-ha" moment time and time again.

Her insight of business skills needed to be efficient, along with her tenacity to help you succeed is a perfect combination of manager and coach. She encourages you, cheers you on, but holds you accountable as well. Any professional with an entrepreneurial spirit would be lucky to have her assist you and guide you along your journey.

UImpact 29 - Client Success


Founder, Straight From Her Heart

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is a gentle spirit with a powerful presence. She takes time to listen and ask questions to understand your passion and vision which leads to your purpose.  She brings out your strengths, identifies areas for improvement and takes you out of your comfort zone, which all works to sharpen the skills you need to be a successful entrepreneur. Kim is definitely a leader in her field. 

UImpact 30 - Client Success


The way Kim presents information regarding marketing is finally clear & concise. I felt I was in a one on one meeting with Kim while learning from the other attendees at the same time.


​(Attended our annual DIVERGE Conference)

UImpact 31 - Client Success


Angel Davis Coaching / Speak Easy

After attending DIVERGE with Kim, I knew that I needed to do whatever it took to get a private session with her. From the moment I declared I was going into business for myself I have received so much advice but little gave me actual tools to propel my business forward. When I sat down with Kim, I knew I was going to leave with a step by step process on what I should be doing at that very moment, not 3 months from then. 


At the end of our session, I was actually able to take a step forward rather than stuck floating in a sea of ideas with nothing to anchor to. Through our session together I was able to determine where I was falling short or pitfalls I may run into, which helped me strengthen the concepts for my new business.

UImpact 32 - Client Success


Spoiled Naturally

I began working with Kim and THRIVE about 5 months ago on the recommendation of a friend. She said to me, “Rhonda, you have really got to connect with Kim”. My friend realized that like many professional women, I was always on the run. Go, go, go. Unfortunately, sometimes maintaining a constant state of business gives you a false sense of productivity and effectiveness.


I decided to go for it. I connected with Kim and must say I was immediately impressed with her easy nature and focused approach. Kim helped me immediately begin to see where I was spinning my wheels. She worked collaboratively with me to develop a plan that includes goals and objectives. She is also a visionary often seeing future opportunities in your business that you may not have recognized. A true master at expanding and reaching for achievable targets.


Over the course of the past several months, Kim has been that guiding beacon leading back to shore. I’m not sure how she does it! Business is business but Kim has also become a friend that I have come to trust to truly appreciate.


If you are a woman who needs a little help in getting focused on real results, I highly recommend Kim and her Mastermind group! You will not be disappointed

UImpact 35 - Client Success


Reinvention Strategist for Professional Christian Women

at The Flourishing Life

My time with Kim was VERY productive! Unfortunately, it was a super busy day for me, so I didn't have time to soak in all her wisdom until later. I was in between two big events, and feeling a bit overwhelmed at the time.


That being said, the guidance I received was priceless, and it helped me create my website with the right messaging. Kim also motivated me to envision BIG plans for the future, beyond what I'd considered. I am so grateful I had that time with her, and continue to reflect on the things we discussed.

UImpact 39 - Client Success


StyleWorks Image Consulting

My experience with Kim and the UImpact bootcamp was "tremendous ". She was a great coach that helped steer me in the right direction as a newbie in developing a new business. Kim is a true motivator and a person that is knowledgeable and eager to see you succeed. I'm positive with her coaching I will be able to create a successful business.

UImpact 40 - Client Success


SweetCakes & Candy Emporium

The one-on-one session was very helpful. I was very nervous about attending the session because of my lack of knowledge in how to run a business. It really helped that I could be honest about my needs as far as building a successful business. I came away from the one-on-one with more information, resources, knowledge, and confidence than I ever could have imagined.  I would truly recommend this session for anyone that needs to focus in on key areas of their business that they want to see succeed.

UImpact 41 - Client Success



When one decides to write a book, the first goal is first, to finish writing the book! As some authors know, it is sometimes a long and arduous and soul-searching discovery.... you are finally finished. You then are caught up with the insecure feeling of who to give your precious words to for publishing. 

This was not my wheelhouse, and I wanted to find a publisher/editor I could trust above all. I was in the middle of searching for a publisher, when one day, I had a customer come in with her daughter to purchase a bridal gown. I have a bridal shop, and as we were chatting during their appointment, the mother told me she had just published her first book.

"Congratulations! “ I said.  “Coincidently, I am looking for a publisher for my first book.”

This is how I found UImpact Publishing, Kimberly Pitts, Mandy Simmons, and Adorah Tidwell. Without their expert knowledge and patience along with their expert staff, my book publishing would not have been such a great experience. I have since signed on for several more books to be published. After all the attention to detail and professionalism needed, I highly recommend UImpact Publishing Group for anyone looking for an affordable and reliable way to self-publish. 

Thank you, ladies of UImpact, 

UImpact 42 - Client Success


Yvonne George
Live Your Sparkle Public Relations

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer has become a bona fide angel for me and my business. She is so authentic, dependable and trust worthy. Working with her has been such a highlight for me and because of her she has made my life so much easier by letting me concentrate on what “I” do best and she takes care of the rest! She is creative and listens to what MY ideas are ....expands that and then starts to work. I have so much going on that she keeps me organized and tamed when need be! haha (That can be a full time job) I truly am blessed to know Kimberly DeShields-Spencer and have her a part of my Sparkle Tribe!

Client Successes: Team Members
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