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Brand Builder

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer won’t tell you that she created and ran a successful lemonade stand when she was seven years old. Even then, she knew how to take the lemons in her life and make…money. She has spent over two decades cultivating her particular brand of expertise, earning two master’s and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and organizational development along the way. But she won’t tell you that. Why? Because for her, the proof is in the pudding. Kimberly doesn’t care about accolades or awards. She cares about people-and the results that she can help them garner by creating individualized and effective action plans to accomplish their goals.

Kimberly has been featured on and in numerous magazines and has served on a variety of boards (that she won’t allow to be listed here) as she’s blazed a trail of care, creativity, and community throughout her career. She has taken her considerable experience and synthesized it into several best-selling books, such as It Matters: Decisions that will Make or Break Your Business. She hosts a successful podcast that boasts up to 5,000 downloads a month. And that’s not all…

She is a mogul-in-the-making, having founded UImpact, UImpact Publishing Group, Behind Her Brand, She Can Academy, and The DeShields Foundation along with her sons, Christian and Cayden. But again, none of these things are what she wants people to focus on when it comes to her. So why list them? Because it’s important to point out how her laser focus on what really matters translates to her achieving more than just what she sets out to.  And this is worth noting because it is a blueprint for business people to consider when they want to learn to strive for more. In short, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer has developed a knack for having her cake and eating it, too. And the best part is, she loves to teach others to do the same.

Kimberly won’t tell anyone to walk across hot coals. She won’t glide into a meeting with roller blades on. She won’t dance a beat with her clients. But she will push them off a ledge. Not literally, of course, but she will do what it takes to teach them to fly. She blends a no-nonsense, direct delivery with disarming warmth, concern, and personal attention. But most importantly, she doesn’t just make an impact, she leaves one. The difference? She isn’t content with just affecting immediate change, so Kimberly instills in people how to keep pumping their wells. For good.

As she continues to build with her dedicated team of passionate men and women, Kimberly’s star is steadily rising. A stalwart of radiant confidence that everyone can be so much more than they allow themselves to.